Ula Koska Paradise Kitsch

‘Etno’ editorial was inspired by the so-called ‘spiders’ made of crêpe paper flowers. The art of crêpe paper sculpture was developed in Poland at the turn of the 20th century, particularly in the countryside of Subcarpathia, Lesser Poland and Opoczno County. It is near the city of Opoczno, in the folk museum Niebowo,where the eight floral crowns and the wedding wreath were created.

Traditionally, crêpe paper flowers were used to decorate frames of the portraits of saints, road-side chapels as well as women’s headdress for feasts such as weddings. That is why the crowning of the series is a bride wearing a wreath made of white and pistachio peonies.

The photographs taken by Ula are a collage of different styles and different worlds which are at the heart of ‘etno’. Rich in colour, they combine the modern with the traditional and reflect the beauty of the regions which inspired the series. The original make-up, as well as the ethnical jewelry and fabrics from different parts of the world add to their artistry.

All of the crêpe paper crowns were designed by Beata and hand-made according to the traditional method which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Concept/MUA/Style:  Beata Bojda

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